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Bridal Assignment

My teacher assigned us to photograph a “bride” in the Randolph Community College
Studio. I originally asked a former student but then she backed out. Then I asked Sarah who has already graduated from here to come and model for me. She said she had a dress but it’s not a wedding dress it is white it was her prom dress. I said perfect please bring it with you to our session. She came and I gave her some direction and these photographs are some of the best results from the photographs. I tried another background but I just wasn’t as happy with it as the solid black background. I think I like the pop of the white.

Published by jbcollins101

My name is Jessica Collins and I have been a passionate photographer for about 9 years now. I’m currently going to Randolph Community College to pursue my Associates in Portrait Studio Management. I will never retire because photography is what I love to do and it completes me as a person.

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