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That look.

This is Tony Corne, my nannies husband. He is a character. He is always silly and always looking for neat antiques. He has that hard manly look I wanted for this shoot. I got him to bring his banjo as well and we did other portraits that were fun and creative. I love the Rembrandt lighting on him. I think it fits his “look”. Above is the before and after. I am working on my retouching skills. Please let me know what you think. The dark line across the bottom of both these images is not there usually. I don’t know why it’s there now. If anyone knows what is causing this please let me know.

Published by jbcollins101

My name is Jessica Collins and I have been a passionate photographer for about 9 years now. I’m currently going to Randolph Community College to pursue my Associates in Portrait Studio Management. I will never retire because photography is what I love to do and it completes me as a person.

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