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Anna Senior Portraits

This is Anna. She is going to Appalachian for her degree as a doctor. She looks like she could be a senior in high school so I asked her to pose for me. She was more than happy to help. She is absolutely gorgeous so it didn’t take too long to edit her images. She is not a model but she could of fooled me because she was posing in some of these the way I already wanted her to. I was telling her where to put her feet so that usually changes the body posture. I got her to bring 2 different outfits. We went to Old Salem for these portraits. Thank God no one stopped us or asked us to pay for portraits or etc.

Silhouette Assignment/ Long Line

This photo shoot was a blast. First I had Ashley my first model to do certain poses for me and we had extra time at the end so we of course goofed off a little as well. I love the silhouette captures of her! My second model was my step grandfather who I have always called Wally since I was like 4 but his real name in Tony. He is a character of a man. He is silly a lot but he can be serious when it is needed. He did the things I asked him to with a smile the majority of the time. I even had to get him to pose for me in a girly way which he did without hesitation. These two models were greatly appreciated!

On Location Bridals – Brooke Jones

This is my best friend in the whole world. Her name is Brooke Jones. We have been best friends since we met in second grade. She is more like a sister me than a friend and I’m about 99% positive she would say the same for me. I put a lot of thought into the poses for these photographs. I got my husband to use a reflector to get the light in her eyes because it was mid day. That afternoon I had to be at the Axe Club of America to do a video for my Multimedia II class. We had a lot of fun with this shoot. Poor Brooke had to change in and out of her dress in her little Rav 4 in a parking garage. The things we do for each other. Not to even mention that it was like 95 degrees that day. Thank you sis.

Natalie Portraits

This is Natalie. She goes to Randolph Community College with me. We are in the concentration called Portrait Studio Management. We are working hard toward our degree. She helped me out with this assignment. She hasn’t felt well lately so that made me appreciate her help even more. I’m praying she feels better soon. It is hard to keep up with all the assignments, doctors, labs and tests. She is a sweet, smart, charming, shy girl. I love her eyes and cute freckles! Thank you for your help Natalie! I look forward to getting to know her even more on our journey through the portrait studio management concentration. She has a adorable Husky furr baby.

That look.

This is Tony Corne, my nannies husband. He is a character. He is always silly and always looking for neat antiques. He has that hard manly look I wanted for this shoot. I got him to bring his banjo as well and we did other portraits that were fun and creative. I love the Rembrandt lighting on him. I think it fits his “look”. Above is the before and after. I am working on my retouching skills. Please let me know what you think. The dark line across the bottom of both these images is not there usually. I don’t know why it’s there now. If anyone knows what is causing this please let me know.

Bridal Assignment

My teacher assigned us to photograph a “bride” in the Randolph Community College
Studio. I originally asked a former student but then she backed out. Then I asked Sarah who has already graduated from here to come and model for me. She said she had a dress but it’s not a wedding dress it is white it was her prom dress. I said perfect please bring it with you to our session. She came and I gave her some direction and these photographs are some of the best results from the photographs. I tried another background but I just wasn’t as happy with it as the solid black background. I think I like the pop of the white.

Baby Girl

These two are such sweet souls. Their love for each other is so easy to see. They are going to make amazing parents to their daughter. I was given the privilege of photographing this lovely couple for a maternity session. We photographed some at a bridge in Belling-ham park and then we walked over to a area of the creek and got in a photographed some more portraits. This mom was glowing the entire photo shoot. They both have a love for birds. Her dress for the creek photos had birds all over it. They were so cute. I do believe these to are a match made in heaven.

This Sweet Friend

This is a very sweet lady. She is a wonderful mother. She just recently got her real estate license. She is a beautiful woman. A real estate license takes a lot of determination and studying. I have other friends who have tried for the their real estate license and haven’t made it. She is also a wonderful daughter. She was extremely patient with me during this photo shoot. I was having issues with the lighting in the studio at college. I troubleshooted as much as I could without probably breaking something. I had to ask my portrait teacher Erin for help because I had ran out of options. She had to help me twice with two different issues. One issue was that the cord was blocking the sync port. The other issue was that I just needed to slow down in between photographs.

Head & Shoulders Practice


This past week we were assigned to take portraits of all of our fellow portrait classmates. This was probably my favorite mainly because she was wearing solid black with a little pop of color. The black keeps your eye from being distracted by other highlight areas. The brightest place in this image if her face which is exactly what I wanted. Her glasses were a bit of a challenge because they are thick and small. The first image I took there was a lot of glare from the softbox in her glasses. So I got her to tip them up a little and then it cut into her eye. So I asked her to tip the front down just slightly and that was when I nailed this photograph.

Photography Dorie

Dorie is a fellow Portrait Studio Management colleague. We were assigned to pick a piece of paper from a container and go photograph in the area you receive. I grabbed city life. We went downtown Asheboro and she showed me around because I’ve never been. She is needless to say very photogenic and we had fun looking for good portrait spots in downtown Asheboro. I love the blue and teal combo of colors in her portrait as well as the soft light coming in under the awning. I love the depth from the other photo as well as the texture in the wall to her left.

Magnolia Plantation Charleston South Carolina

Magnolia Plantation is a beautiful history site. The Civil War happened here many years ago. They offer a slavery to freedom tour that I highly recommend. They also have an area to the left of the entrance that is free. It turned out to be one of my favorite parts. It is a petting zoo. They have free roaming deer, chickens, ducks, a rat snake, pigs, a goat, and lots of peacocks. The deer are super friendly. They have a small reptile house, and more animals in habitats. They have what’s called peacock cafe and you get to eat lunch with peacocks. The bridge above is on one of the trails and is breathtaking. There are gators you can run into on the trails so take caution of them as well as snakes, mosquitoes and etc. They have a gift shop in the bottom of the plantation house. They sell yellow rice there which isn’t really sold anywhere else anymore and they say it’s the best rice ever. It used to be made in Charleston.

Hands = Meaning

Hands are a very important part of the human body. Without hands life would be very challenging. Thinking about this makes me respect people without hands and arms a whole lot for their determination and struggles. Hands are very powerful tools they can create meaning, food, housing art and more. People take for granted the blessing of hands, arms and fingers. You can do bad things with your hands like punch someone or say F*** off (Excuse my language) or you can choose to do positive things like blow a kiss to your kids, or use them to pray and help others when in need. Choose who you want to be and what you want your life to mean carefully.