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My Husband/Professional Business Portrait

This is my wonderful husband Matthew. He is one of the most loving sweet helpful men I know. He has been there for healthy, unhealthy, better, worse, thick, thin, richer and poorer. I do not know what I’d do without him! When I had to deal with the deaths in my family he was right there besides me. Ever since I met him he has always been there for me. If I need him he is there. We both tell each other what we are thinking and leave no secrets hidden. We have trust, love and compassion for one another. Am I saying our relationship is perfect? By all means no. That would be impossible. We work things out together and talk through things instead of just screaming and giving up like some couples I’ve noticed over the years.


I had a assignment to photograph eggs for my custom color printing class. I had more fun with this than I thought I would. My first thought was to glue them together and stack them up. I tried super glue and it did not work. As I was trying to stack them I accidentally dropped one on the counter and it cracked a little bit and that gave me this idea so I peeled the end very carefully. I played with different compositions. I ended up liking this composition the best. I used my Godox AD-200 in a octagonal soft box to light my eggs.

Rylee Rose

Rylee is officially one year old. She is so sweet and cute. She loves her mom and daddy so much. She had cupcakes with pink icing and chocolate cake. She had three other babies attend her birthday party. My husband and I drove about two hours away to her birthday party and she was totally worth it as always. She is such a happy healthy baby. She loves animal noises and her pacifier. She loves the show called bubble guppies. She will smile and dance along with it. It is too cute just to watch her! I’m always happy when I get to see Rylee Rose.

Personal Post Dedicated to my Daddy in Heaven.

My father was always there for me my entire life until his ended around 4 years ago. He is missed very much. He and my grandmother who passed roughly a year before him were two of the closest people to me. My father when I was a kid was silly, and goofy but sometimes he couldn’t hold his temper. He would apologize later but the damage was already done. He taught me how to ride a bike, how to have fun in general, but also when to be serious, he taught me how to swim, how to walk, how to be a kind person but also not take shit from no one. He loved me more than I’ll ever know all his co-workers told me so. After he died there was countless posts on his page saying prayers for his daughter, she was the center of his world. I really was. When I was younger, he had me thinking that his cigarette lighter was a turbo button. I was always a daddy’s girl. He taught me how to fish and how to take the hook out of the fish’s mouth. He died at 44 years old of a heart attack the last time I saw him he had no pulse. He was sitting in my grandma’s chair and the police officer put his fingers to his neck and said no pulse and at that moment I fainted and woke up with my cousin holding me, he apparently caught me. I was devastated and I pray to God I never have to go through that pain again. The phrase “Time heals all wounds” is not exactly true. It eases the wounds but the whole in my heart won’t heal. God gave me my sign when my grandma passed away. I saw a angel cloud in the sky when I opened my eyes from crying laying in the swing that was hers. With my dad a week went by and I became a little angry with God because I wanted my sign. Then my mom took me shopping in Danville V.A. to get my mind off of everything. On our way back there were sun rays coming through a cloud shaped like a heart and when I was younger he used to sing you are my sunshine to me. I had y sign and I thanked my God for it. (Pic of Cloud and heart shape included in this post). His birthday is this Saturday and Father’s Day is Sunday.

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Fathers out there!

Heart shaped cloud taken with my phone unfortunately.

Artistic Gymnastics

This is Cami showing off her gymnast skills for her mom, father, and I. They wanted some portraits of her done and I was more than happy to capture them. I think both her and I done her justice with this action shot. She is a very strong, young, and talented athlete. Thank you to all the coaches at Artistic gymnastics for showing her the ropes and then some as well a your dedication and patience with all these young gymnasts. Seeing you all with these girls/guys its easy to see all the hard work and effort your team has put into training and coaching them.

Team work makes the dream work

The girls at artistic gymnastics work day in and day out whether they are younger or older. They work hard and play hard. They enjoy what they do so much you can see it in their faces. The glow is obvious. Teamwork makes the dream work is a very realistic saying. You must help your teammates by encouraging them on the hard days and pushing them on the difficult ones. You never give up on each other you lean on each other. The coaches work hard to encourage their girls and guys and to lead them on the right path to improving the difficult parts of their routines.

Artistic Gymnastics hard working Ladies

Some of Artistic Gymnastic’s most talented gymnasts. I love photographing their girls and boys. The coaches there know what they are doing and I’ve personally watched them work with their kids and the amount of time and patience put into the talent there is astonishing. I have a recently developed a new found respect for all gymnasts. I am way to clumsy to even jump off the back of a pick up truck much less swing my whole body from one bar to another without falling. #gymnastics #girlpower #fun #athlete #youngathlete #inspirational #passionate #leotards #pink #purple #green #hardwork #determination #practice