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I had a assignment to photograph eggs for my custom color printing class. I had more fun with this than I thought I would. My first thought was to glue them together and stack them up. I tried super glue and it did not work. As I was trying to stack them I accidentally dropped one on the counter and it cracked a little bit and that gave me this idea so I peeled the end very carefully. I played with different compositions. I ended up liking this composition the best. I used my Godox AD-200 in a octagonal soft box to light my eggs.

Artistic Gymnastics hard working Ladies

Some of Artistic Gymnastic’s most talented gymnasts. I love photographing their girls and boys. The coaches there know what they are doing and I’ve personally watched them work with their kids and the amount of time and patience put into the talent there is astonishing. I have a recently developed a new found respect for all gymnasts. I am way to clumsy to even jump off the back of a pick up truck much less swing my whole body from one bar to another without falling. #gymnastics #girlpower #fun #athlete #youngathlete #inspirational #passionate #leotards #pink #purple #green #hardwork #determination #practice


I had the pleasure of photographing this precious girls this past week. We had fun with smoke bombs and dance moves. We went late in the afternoon to catch the honey lighting and I’d say we nailed the honey lighting coming through the smoke bombs really nicely. We had a blast!

Corona Virus & My Life

I hate that people are passing all over the world due to this virus. I hate that people are scared because of it. What I am trying to do is appreciate everything. I now have time to read books about photography and what I can do to improve my business. I now have time to get outside and play with my 14 year old doggy daughter. I have time to walk with my husband to the park and enjoy fresh air. I have time to sit in my grandmas swing and talk to her as well as God. I have time to form strategies to bring more clients to my business and therefore create more relationships. I love people in general (well the ones that don’t abuse animals or kill babies or spit on the food in the grocery store). I want more friends and business.

I was working part time at Best Buy but now I’m scared to even go to the grocery store. When I have to go I wear a mask. I hope they cure all this soon. I have enjoyed getting back to the simple pleasures of life though. I even took a day to spend with my nanny and husband and we went to the Bog Gardens in Greensboro. It was so beautiful. I captured a image of a blue heron. I don’t go anywhere without my camera.

Eric & Logan’s Engagement Shoot

This adorable happy couple agreed to come to Randolph community College for me and model their cuteness. They did some sweet things that I didn’t even have to ask them to do. I really enjoyed this shoot. The lights co-operated for me. I used the solid white background which it hard to keep all bright white so I had to dodge some in the background. We also done some fun shots that they were jumping in. In the good shot I got of that his head was chopped off at top because he is so tall.