Artistic Gymnastics hard working Ladies

Some of Artistic Gymnastic’s most talented gymnasts. I love photographing their girls and boys. The coaches there know what they are doing and I’ve personally watched them work with their kids and the amount of time and patience put into the talent there is astonishing. I have a recently developed a new found respect for all gymnasts. I am way to clumsy to even jump off the back of a pick up truck much less swing my whole body from one bar to another without falling. #gymnastics #girlpower #fun #athlete #youngathlete #inspirational #passionate #leotards #pink #purple #green #hardwork #determination #practice

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Artistic Gymnastics

This is Cami showing off her gymnast skills for her mom, father, and I. They wanted some portraits of her done and I was more than happy to capture them. I think both her and I done her justice with this action shot. She is a very strong, young, and talented athlete. Thank you to all the coaches at Artistic gymnastics for showing her the ropes and then some as well a your dedication and patience with all these young gymnasts. Seeing you all with these girls/guys its easy to see all the hard work and effort your team has put into training and coaching them.

Team work makes the dream work

The girls at artistic gymnastics work day in and day out whether they are younger or older. They work hard and play hard. They enjoy what they do so much you can see it in their faces. The glow is obvious. Teamwork makes the dream work is a very realistic saying. You must help your teammates by encouraging them on the hard days and pushing them on the difficult ones. You never give up on each other you lean on each other. The coaches work hard to encourage their girls and guys and to lead them on the right path to improving the difficult parts of their routines.

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